Diesel and #2 Oil Delivery

As one of the area’s premier oil heat companies you can be sure that we will always deliver the finest fuel oil to your home to keep your family warm when it gets cold outside. But did you know that we also are a leading supplier of Diesel? Things you should know about our diesel fuel services:

  • We can tailor our pricing structures to meet your individual budgetary needs.
  • We supply high-quality, low sulfur diesel fuels for on-road use.
  • Our diesel fuel meets all state and federal requirements.
  • We treat our diesel with a special additive to keep the product from gelling and causing engine problems in the winter.
  • We will run specification tests on your present diesel fuel supply, and match the results against our own product.
  • As part of our value-added package of services, we offer our customers a complimentary analysis of their fleet’s motor oil to reduce the possibility of truck engine failure.

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